Make sure the battery has 50% - 100% charge before performing this procedure. 

Neo 3:

1. Create the “dload” folder in the internal storage;

2. Copy the ROM package to the “dload” folder (do not decompress the zip package);

3. In “My Applications” → “System Update”, click “Offline Upgrade”.



Neo 2/G2 Devices:

1. Locate the correct device and download the update package:

2. Once downloaded, do not upzip the file. Copy and paste the zip file to a folder in a SD card called "/dload".

Please note the format of the SD card needs to be Fat32 for the headset to recognize the SD card.

3. Put the SD card into the headset. On the dashboard go to

Library - System Update - Offline Update and follow the instructions.

DO NOT TURN OFF the headset during the update. This can cause damage to the system